Squid Makes Ultrafiltration/Difiltration Easy

Stand-alone must-have, which rivals all existing systems for protein concentration and buffer exchange


Squid* Main Features

  • Uniquely designed to eliminate membrane clogging

  • Gentle with proteins

    • No mechanical stirring

    • No air-liquid interface

    • No concentration gradient

  • Operates within the most desired volume range

    • From 20 mL to 200 mL of starting sample volume

Additional Features

  • User Friendly

    • Easy to setup, operate and clean

    • Intuitive software and graphical interface for first time users

  • Cost-effective

    • Uses standard ultrafiltration membranes instead of expensive cartridges

  • No extra equipment or utilities required

    • No centrifuges

    • No magnetic stirrer

    • No compressed gasses

*patent pending



How Squid Works

The unique design of Squid minimizes filter fouling and reduces loss of protein due to adsorption or aggregation.

See brochure here.

Hands free operation

The entire ultrafiltration and diafiltration process is fully automated.


Supplies MOst formulation studies

The most practical working volume from 20 to 200 mL


Minimizes Protein aggregation

Gentle mixing without mechanical stirring or air-liquid interface


Increases Recovery

Adjustable process parameters for highly unstable proteins


Cost Efficient and easy to use

Uses standard membrane discs and does not require specialized equipment



Ease of Use

Even the first time user can operate Squid through its interactive and easy to navigate interface






Working volume

Operating temperature

Maximum operating pressure

Pressure regulator






20 - 200 mL

4 °C - 40 °C

75 psi

Flow-through pressure sensor

Based on 50 mL gas-tight lubricant-free glass syringe

95 - 260 V, 50 - 60 Hz, 10 A

295 W x 307 D x 410 H (mm)

10 kg




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